10 October 2016

The Burqini TNA Wrestler : Raisha Saeed


TNA Wrestling seems to be going through a highly renovating phase. Much of it apparently has to do with it's creativity team, and by the looks of it, they are doing a pretty good job. TNA in the past had often been a haven for former WWE stars who are either looking for a change or have had their contracts expired. Booker T, Christian ( or Christian Cage), Christie Hemme have all come over from the WWE rooster.


Over the past 12 months, there has been a constant flow of wrestlers with rather colourful storylines, or kayfabe as the wrestling term is for the scripted stuff. Sadly, the action remained indubitably fake as ever.

She's exotic, her past is thickly-veiled (pun intended) and she's from the "Arab Republic of Syria". She's none other than Raisha Saeed. Truth of the matter is, she's no Arab and she's definitely not from Syria. She's Alissa Flash AKA Cheerleader Melissa, a powerful wrestler who had her first match at the age of 17. While TNA's effort to add spice to their increasingly lack-lustre show is as see-through as the appalling fakeness of their scripted moves, Saeed is certainly an interesting character.

While she wrestles only women on TNA, on other shows in her alternate, non-Arab persona Alissa Flash is a feared fighter, known for her rage as she fights in intergender matches elsewhere.

UPDATE : She's no longer at TNA.

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