22 August 2012

Bikini Fashion Show in Lebanon- In Freezing Snow

Bikini in Lebanon


The first thing that must have went in the minds of most of the people reading this must be : A swimwear show in Lebanon ? In Faraya, north-east of Beirut five-star the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel held a bikini show to attract more tourists to Lebanon. The promotional event is expected to revive the tourism flow to 'Switzerland of the Middle East. According to Moussa, a ski instructor, the fashion show has helped bring people to the slopes again. "We usually depend on February and March to earn extra money, but this year it came very late," he said.

Despite the fact that Hezbollah, the 2006 War with Israel and the Nahr Al Bared conflict are the images that resonates in the mind of people when they think of Lebanon, what most people are unaware of is Lebanon's rich, multi-cultural history. Being a former French colony and thus a francophone country (French is widely spoken), the Lebanese nation has been long noted for it's beautiful women and its reputation as the most Westernised Arab country, culturally, linguistically and ideologically (doesn't apply to Hezbollah though).

In fact, English and French are so common, the Arabic language is threatened. Yes, in an Arab country.

The country has a prominent Christian population, with about 40% of the country being Maroonite. Vince Vaugh and Colombian singer Shakira are celebrities of Lebanese origin.

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