02 April 2010

Prince of Persia lookalike : Indo-Iranian actor/model John Abraham

When the movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia video game series, two fundamental questions were raised : who would play the unnamed Persian Prince and ah, the question that forever lingered in the minds of PoP fans : what'd be his name. The Prince is always referred to as, well, the Prince and his dearth of name of adds to the canvas of intrigue that hangs over him. The more pressing matter was who would play the Prince ? His description goes something like this :tall, handsome, dark hair and eyes not to mention the Persian (or Iranian as they call it now) look. So it was a horror to discover that Jake Gyllenhaal had been cast to play the prince.

The Prince is Persian. So why bring in a Hollywood actor to play him ? It's just not right. He, however, has a seemingly Middle Eastern name : Dastan. When I found that there is an actor with partial Iranian roots what surprised me most was his uncanny resemblance to the Prince himself. His name is John Abraham and he is a well known model and actor in the world of Bollywood. His Persian ancestry is attributed to his mother, who is a Parsi. Parsis are ethnic Iranians who emigrated to India retaining the indigenous religion of Iran, Zoroastrianism. A Mumbai tabloid erroneously speculated in 2007 that he might be starring in the film. Well, filming is over and the film's expected to be released on May 28, 2010.
Come to think about it, Gyllenhaal doesn't look too bad in the poster of the film. With former bond girl Gemma Arterton as well as Alfred Molina (Doc Ock in Spiderman 2) and Ben Kingsley starring, and judging by the trailer, the film might actually be quite good.

Call this speculation (if not wishful thinking), but if this film works out well at the box office, there's a chance, just a chance that Abraham, who speaks good English and has starred in Bollywood films shot in America might get a role in any (possible) future sequel.

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  1. John would have fit the role to a T.
    Jake Gyllenhal as Dastan, what were the casting directors thinking?


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