20 March 2010

Sequel to Cena's '12 Rounds' ?

Is a sequel to 12 Rounds on the way? According to Variety, there is. WWE Studios, which spends about $20m for theatrical releases had their last theatrical release with the under-promoted flick 12 Rounds. Directed by Renny Harlin (of Die Hard 2 fame) and starring the wrestling organization's most bankable star John Cena, the film was most surprisingly good (Read my review). Sadly, it failed at the box office, grossing just $17m worldwide.

Though it's not named "13 Rounds"; the few reports on the sequel possibilities were all published prior to the film's release. Moviehole reports that it depends on the financial performance of the flick. Given that at least half of the box office revenue goes to the cinema owners (it's budget is around $20m) and with the DVD reception not being great either, the onlt thing that's clear is that WWE Studios would be lucky if they break even with 12 Rounds, meaning it's unlikely that the sequel would be made.

While it looks like we won't be seeing a "13 Rounds" any time soon, Cena has plenty of film-work up his sleeve. Besides starring in an emotional WWE Studios-produced film called Brother's Keeper, Cena is also trying to land a role in the cast of a remake of the 1987 Schwarzengger flick Predator. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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