23 March 2010

Prince of Persia : Warrior Within Fix II : Skip Boat Intro Scene

Note : This is part of a series of posts detailing how I got around certain glitches and problems in the 2004 game Prince of Persia : Warrior Within while playing it on my PC. I suspect other gamers (especially the recent ones, like me) might have come across these problems.

Prince of Persia : Warrior Within Fix I : Skip the Boat Fight Intro

The second half of the opening cut-scene shows the prince on his boat. After he tells a sailor to "bring them closer to the wind",the prince turns around to see another ship. At this point, the game screen fizzles up and turns green. Sounds familiar ? Well, it happened to me too. And I have a solution.

In some cases the screen remains stuck for some time while the audio plays on, eventually the game begins. But if the game closes and a dialog box says it "ended unexpectedly", you might want to read the solution below.

1. Locate the Prince of Persia Warrior Within folder in your computer.
Example : [C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Prince of Persia Warrior Within]

Go to the program files of the drive in which the game is installed, proceed to Ubisoft and then you will find the Prince of Persia Warrior Within folder.

2. Go to the Video folder > Cine

You will see something like below.

3. Remove the first 7 Video files

The files to be moved/removed start from CINE0001.BIK to CINE0101.BIK and all the files in between. Rather than deleting the first 7 files directly, I suggest they be moved to the desktop or wherever from which you can move them back.

One way of moving the files is to highlight all the files by clicking CINE0001.BIK once and highlighting the seven files to its left by holding down shift. Once they are highlighted in blue, click on it and hold, as you move the cursor down to the taskbar. You would have minimized all other windows and would be at the desktop. Now just move the files to some folder here. After getting to the island (and saving the game), you can move these files back to the 'Cine' folder.

The game now skips the first cutscenes and takes you directly to the battle with the pirates on the ship. Enjoy !
Note : Doing this hack might mean that you will not be able to see the cutscene that appears at the end of the current mission (before arriving at the island). However, a simple Youtube search for "Warrior Within cutscene" would let you watch them. If you run into any trouble, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you


  1. fucking thank you for having this blog lol

  2. thanxxx mehn......saved a lot a tym.....

  3. I really appreciate your help, but this didn't work for me.. Even after I moved ANY and ALL the videos out of the folder it still played the intro - and crashed at the exact same spot. I'm looking for a patch..

  4. Is there Any Option By Which We Can Fix The Intro Movie (I Know That The Problem Is In cine0100.bik)
    or from where can we download a good copy of the above file plez help me out i want to see the intro movies

  5. @ Anon#3 : hmm.. that's weird. My guess is perhaps you have installed it elsewhere on your computer, you know, in Windows 7, there are two installation directories. Try uninstalling and then install it again, and make sure you remove the mentioned BIK files.

    @ Anon#4 : Like I said, it's on youtube.

    and HQ, too !

  6. Thank you So MUCH


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