15 March 2010

Infidelity taints ex-TNA Traci Brooks' marriage; Kaz cheats

He represented the new,younger face of TNA Wrestling : fresh,good looks, young, you name it. She was a veteran of TNA with her personality and a huge fan following. So when Tracy Brookshaw and Frank "Kaz" Kazarian began to appear together outside the wrestling arena, they made for an enviable couple.

In January 2010, the couple married in a ceremony attended by Gail Kim, Socal Val, Christy Hemme, Aj Styles, Samoa Joe and many other wrestlers of the TNA roster. Unfortunately, while the highly eligible Traci Brooks seems to have kept her herself out of extramarital affairs (she did have a fling with Robert Rode "years ago" but that was when she was dating Kaz), her husband's infidelity was exposed within weeks of their marriage.

There are conflicting reports of what Kaz did. But what is certain is that he did cheat; at least once. Nude photos of Kaz, taken by himself (he holds the camera) were leaked by "someone close" to Brooks and Kazarian. According to Wrestling Inc, Kaz's alleged mistresses include adult movie star Lela Star,a stripper from Tampa and a former WWE Diva several years ago. One of them probably sent the nude photos of Kaz.

Brooks changed her profile pic to one of the two from the wedding and also uploaded some of them on her profile. Since then, she has changed her profile pic and removed all the content. Suspiciously, Kazarian deleted his MySpace and Facebook pages , though the Facebook page was later reactivated. He wrote on Tuesday :

"Tired, pretty banged up, but had a great tour. Most importantly home with my beautiful wife." - Kaz
A month after the revelations, Tracy Brooks was released from TNA in March. Notice a coincidence ? I don't. Thankfully, however, it appears they are moving on.

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  1. Kaz is blind or stupid or both because Traci is a beatiful women !

  2. If I was Tracy's man I would have quit my job to always take care of her and her needs. I would love her every second of the day.


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