10 March 2010

The face of a puppy killer

Source - NY DailyNews

5-month-old puppy Junior was "insubordinate" during a bath. Guess what his owner Dudley Ramsay did ? Ramsay broke six of Junior's delicate ribs and damaged his heart and lungs by smashing him against the side of the bathtub. The man, who is an ironworker then waited for hours before taking calico-coloured Junior to a hospital. The puppy later died of his injuries.

Ramsay could go to prison for up to 2 years. NY Daily News obtained this photograph of him via Facebook. There's also a heart-wrenching pic of Junior being treated at an animal hospital. Previously, he had another dachshund puppy, named Viola, which had died at his hands and was buried in a neighbor's yard, court papers show. He was acquitted of killing Viola but convicted of felony animal cruelty after a bench trial by Justice Michael Gary.

"The severity of the injuries he inflicted, the number of blows, the amount of force it took to cause these injuries combined with his admitted brutality and rage speak volumes about his intent," prosecutor Lisa Berk told the judge.

Defense lawyer Douglas Rankin said his client insists he's innocent. "If he intended to kill or seriously injure it he would not be bathing it, or giving it medicine, then disciplining it or taking it to the vet," he said. "He has no criminal record, he's an acolyte in St. Mary's Episcopal Church. He's an all-around good dude."

If you want to read more about such good dudes and dudettes, such as a prosecutor who couldn't help laughing; a graphic video of a 'heartless' woman beating a pooch with a shovel (on NY Daily News), visit : *

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