02 February 2010

Landmarks,places featured in Dubai-set game 'The Line'

Whether or not upcoming PS3/Xbox game Special Ops: The Line will be cleared for release in the U.A.E, the fact remains that the milieu is the opulent city of Dubai, except that it in the game, it isn't so opulent. Sandstorms have devastated the city and in the process creates unique settings for combat.

When a real-life city is featured in a video game,the first thing people look out for are the landmarks. Here are some screenshots I took from the trailer of some recognizable structures. Comment/link if you identify some more.

1. Burj Al Arab & Palm Island

It's the first thing shown in the trailer; the iconic 7-star hotel and the man-made island.

2. Emirates Towers

Emirates Towers, also known as the Twin Towers.

3. Construction Site

One of the most ubiquitous sights in Dubai.

4. Jameel Building

Haven't heard of it, but evidently onesixthree has. Click on the image for his screenshot of the building which means beautiful in Arabic and is situated in the Dubai Marina region.

5. Highway

Emirates Towers can be seen.

6. And at last, Burj Khalifa !
The trailer shows a U.S soldier walking along a road leading to Burj Dubai and guess what's hanging off the lampposts ? Human bodies. And as if that wasn't bad enough, you'll be shooting helicopters and you guessed it : it crashes into the Burj.
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