30 January 2010

TheOatmeal.com - Interesting and Crisp funny illustrated stories


Nice and crisp illustration appeals to everyone. I just discovered this crisp website while using stumbleupon.com. Basically, the site showcases works of graphic artists' story-telling using ONLY images. The site has an extremely "I-want-to-read-that" feeling inducing article on when to use colons. The graphics and illustrations in the site are impressive, but what took me by the surprise was somewhat lewd and adult-oriented humor that came as a shock compared to what I was getting used to. It's still funny,though, but don't recommend it your nephew.


There are plenty of intriguing stuff on sites; like "How everything goes to a HELL during a Zombie apocalypse"; "The Miserable Truth about Santa Claus" and here's a drastic swing from the friendly-kiddy stuff : "Why I'd rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service."

If you have a thing for computer illustration (but never have pursued it); then this site's impressive offerings will really motivate you to get drawing.

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