25 January 2010

Tekken's female Arab character nationality reattributed 'Indian'

Described as the "mystifying assassin from a distant land" one of Tekken 6's new character is now from India, according to her Tekken page. Initially, she was from a "Middle Eastern" country without naming any one in particular. The name Zafina is blindingly obviously Arabic. So was there an internal debate among Namco as to what the nationality of this beauty should be ?

For starters, most of the female fighters in Tekken are distinct, with individual personalities. They have character, unlike other over-sexualized fighting games such as DOA; which pay more attention to anatomy. But of course, costume designers know we aren't saints, so sometimes the attire might just get a little hot, though within boundaries.
One reason why Namco might have changed her nationality is because the concoction of a female Arab fighting men and women in, well, not-so-conservative clothes might stir controversy and might even cause bans in the lucrative Middle Eat gaming industry. India is quite easily the most tolerable and open nation in that part of Asia (I know it's not in the Middle East), and given that many Indian women look similar to Zafina, the change couldn't have been too drastic

As far as audience response is concerned, fans seem to have found her especially intriguing with many Youtubers posting tribute videos.

As you can see from the image-combos, Zafina isn't exactly all-covered up, but yet maintains a respectable appearance. She manages to make red boots and gloves sensual.


  1. I thought calling her Arab was the misattribution. Her fighting style is similar to the south indian martial art, kalaripayattu.

  2. https://www.change.org/p/katsuhiro-harada-make-tekken-more-racially-diverse


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