30 January 2010

TheOatmeal.com - Interesting and Crisp funny illustrated stories


Nice and crisp illustration appeals to everyone. I just discovered this crisp website while using stumbleupon.com. Basically, the site showcases works of graphic artists' story-telling using ONLY images. The site has an extremely "I-want-to-read-that" feeling inducing article on when to use colons. The graphics and illustrations in the site are impressive, but what took me by the surprise was somewhat lewd and adult-oriented humor that came as a shock compared to what I was getting used to. It's still funny,though, but don't recommend it your nephew.


There are plenty of intriguing stuff on sites; like "How everything goes to a HELL during a Zombie apocalypse"; "The Miserable Truth about Santa Claus" and here's a drastic swing from the friendly-kiddy stuff : "Why I'd rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service."

If you have a thing for computer illustration (but never have pursued it); then this site's impressive offerings will really motivate you to get drawing.

25 January 2010

Tekken's female Arab character nationality reattributed 'Indian'

Described as the "mystifying assassin from a distant land" one of Tekken 6's new character is now from India, according to her Tekken page. Initially, she was from a "Middle Eastern" country without naming any one in particular. The name Zafina is blindingly obviously Arabic. So was there an internal debate among Namco as to what the nationality of this beauty should be ?

For starters, most of the female fighters in Tekken are distinct, with individual personalities. They have character, unlike other over-sexualized fighting games such as DOA; which pay more attention to anatomy. But of course, costume designers know we aren't saints, so sometimes the attire might just get a little hot, though within boundaries.
One reason why Namco might have changed her nationality is because the concoction of a female Arab fighting men and women in, well, not-so-conservative clothes might stir controversy and might even cause bans in the lucrative Middle Eat gaming industry. India is quite easily the most tolerable and open nation in that part of Asia (I know it's not in the Middle East), and given that many Indian women look similar to Zafina, the change couldn't have been too drastic

As far as audience response is concerned, fans seem to have found her especially intriguing with many Youtubers posting tribute videos.

As you can see from the image-combos, Zafina isn't exactly all-covered up, but yet maintains a respectable appearance. She manages to make red boots and gloves sensual.

15 January 2010

Current pics of American terrorist Headley emerge

All this while he was the faceless maniac who gave a new definition to international terrorism , gathering intel for Pakistan based terror outfits without actually engaging in violence. Armed with a U.S passport and an American name, Daood Gilani, who changed his name to David Coleman Headley in 2006, also happens to be a philanderer. While having a 'traditional' Pakistani wife in Chicago (with kids), he also had an American girlfriend in New York.

Gilani, who was born in Washington to Sayed Salim Gilani, described as a "dashing" diplomat and an avid musicologist and poet and to Serrill Headley, who had left Philadelphia’s Main Line to work as a secretary at the same embassy. Soon after they travelled to Lahore, Pakistan, the marriage soured. His mother left Daood and his sister Syedah and and spun a tale of marrying an Afghan prince who was later murdered. She then set up the Khyber Pass club in Philadelphia, incorporating Afghan themes into it.

E-mail messages show, however, that Mr. Headley stayed in regular contact with classmates from the military high school he attended in Pakistan, often engaging in impassioned debates about politics and Islam. Writing about Pakistan’s chief enemy, he said, “We will retaliate against India.”

He toured India, befriended a Bollywood personality's son, had passionate discussions about "commandos." He also made several photgraphs of locations that were later the target of the 26/11 attacks. He has his mother's (redhead) green eyes and his father's brown eyes. This image was released by the English-language news channel NDTV.


01 January 2010

SOLUTIONS : DVD Drive icon missing from My Computer

If your computer shows no DVD drive icon on My Computer, then don't panic. In most cases, the problem can be temporarily solved by following a somewhat long, but less-risky process, which I'll detail in this post. The officially recommended method of solving the problem is to wipe out some registry entries. For detailed instructions, visit HP's expansive article. Blogger Raymond has the same procedure but his explanation is much more simplified.

Fix No CD or DVD Drive with Error Driver May Be Corrupted or Missing Code 39


(Note: I discovered this method to be somewhat effective for users hesitant about editing the registry. The downside to this is that it isn't permanent, unlike the registry edit. To be frank, it just takes less than five minutes to get the registry fix done, so if you feel daring, create a restore point in System Restore before attempting any modifications)

1. Open Device Manager (in Vista, just type it in the search box in the startup menu)

2. Expand "disc drives". In most cases, there should be only one device. Right-click and uninstall it. Confirm it when the confirmation box pops up.

Note : uninstalling the drive really doesn't remove it from your computer. Proceed to Step 4

3. After the uninstallation is complete, Windows will inform you a restart is required. Save any open files and restart.

4. When the computer has restarted, a small dialog box should appear at the bottom, stating new hardware has been found and the reinstallation process begins. Don't worry if this box doesn't appear immediately. It might take a few minutes after the load-up of the other programmes for it to appear, so consider checking CNN.com or anything that will distract you for a few minutes.

5. Up on successful installation, a dialog box will ask if you want to restart. Click OK and restart.

6. 70% of the time, the DVD drive icon would have reappeared when you reboot. Sometimes, it might not. In such cases, immediately rebooting might not work, but usually if you startup the computer after shutting it down for some time will do the trick.