27 December 2009

PS3, next-gen game set in Dubai !

UPDATE : UAE Newspaper 'The National' reports on it.

I've been waiting forever and forever for this to happen, but finally ! A next-gen is currently being produced that has a post-apocalyptic Dubai as it's backdrop. G.K Flash : Abu Dhabi, Dubai's neighbour is the capital of the UAE and not Dubai. The game, Spec Ops: The Line, is a reboot of the popular "Special Ops" games of the budget PS1 era.

The storyline is set in post-apocalyptic, and thankfully there are no monsters here (unlike Left 4 Dead). Cataclysmic sandstorms have wrecked the playground of the rich and the opulence of the city is history. Sandstorms have buried the city altering the landscape for interesting combat situations. A US Army squad that had stayed behind to protect those incapable of self-defence runs into trouble themselves.As U.S. Army Captain Martin Walker, you and your elite Delta Force team are sent to infiltrate the treacherous region to bring Konrad home.
If you ask me, the best part of the game is the adversaries are terrorists. It's just so depressing to have to kill ugly monsters and zombies alone, that too in an apocalyptic setting. For gamers like me, what makes Left 4 Dead 2 so attractive despite being apprehensive of the zombie-shooter types is the comfort in numbers. You are surrounded by three violent (if killing zombies with chainsaws and rifles is violent) friends throughout L4D2 who help you. Shooting zombies in Dubai would sound attractive, but killing terrorists is a much better option. 2K Games better avoid equating the terrorist groups with you-know-what. The adversaries in the game must be universally deplorable. You get what I'm hinting at.

The official announcement is a late 2010 release date. But it would have to face stiff competition from numerous other titles also releasing around that time such as Medal of Honor and Halo: Reach, as well as a likely 'Call of Duty' release.

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