07 August 2009

Victoria Beckham to replace Paula Abdul !

... (for one episode at least)

Fans who have been hoping for a reconsideration of her decision to quit her 8 year long tenure as a judge on American Idol were devastated when Fox executives confirmed they were looking for a replacement. The chairman commented on replacing Abdul, of Syrian descent, [was] “not our choice, not what we wanted to happen” but the network is moving ahead with plans to temporarily fill her seat with guest judges. After months of speculation, Abdul finally posted a tweet on her official twitter feed with an air of finality that "with sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #IDOL. I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all [continued from the next tweet] I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent,but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day 1 become an international phenomenon.

Her decision must have something to do with Abdul's request for a pay raise during contract negotiations for the new season of Idol. Rumour has it that Paula was offered a mere 2-3m dollar per year while host Ryan Seacrest bagged a $45m deal for three years with Idol. Insiders say she asked for about $20m, but was offered a $10m multi-year contract, if these insiders are anything to go by.

Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry are being considered for being being judges for the show with Beckham already set to appear for one show at least, for a heft pay check of £155,000. Her spokesperson told Mail Online: Yes Victoria will be making a "one off" appearance as a guest judge.'

Paula was the "nice factor" in the three-judge formula that has made Idol so popular. Sitting between Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, she would often be at loggerheads with the blunt (and often rude) Cowell, fighting for the fans. Her "niceness" made her popular, something which Kara Diguardi, the 4th judge last year had so conspicuously tried to emulate. It's about time for change, as in the case of songwriter Diguardi who proved a new face is enough to stir up things and create new interest. For instance, while Diguardi was written off somewhat, for trying to be too nice, she didn't bother hiding her disapproval at Idol's "bikini girl" Katrina Darrell, who true to her name appears at Idol contests in her work attire.(oh, she is a swimsuit model, BTW) Labelled as her nasty stepsister, Kara finally had her say when she suddenly appeared during Darrell's performance and it ended with Diguardi revealing a black bikini.

I won't be winning hearts by saying this, but Idol would simply lose it's charm if it sticks on to the 3-judge formula forever. It'd surely be a nice change to have a new judge on board.

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