05 September 2009

Madonna's killer biceps sexy? Hell no !


The ever stout Miss In-shape Madonna has drawn attention again(no, not for baby-shopping in Senegal) but for her incredibly stringy muscles. Seeing her chubby arms in the '95 pic on the right, I had to remind myself : Hey this is Madonna. So expecting some thing like the Elissa Schlichter image, I checked out her muscle bound arms. They are freaking scary ! And don't get started on the ugliness of it.

It's a fact that a lot of guys have a thing for girls who take care of themselves, whether it's keeping themselves in shape or working out at the gym. But if these muscles were intended to be sexy, it's far from it. With all the veins bursting out with little body fat, shelooks anorexic.
Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, after seeing the photos,"Her body fat is minimal, and she does a lot of strength training workouts that are going to build her muscles to look more visible." She says that Madonna's amount of body fat is obviously low.

"When muscles look that way, it's often the result of pretty restrictive eating and dehydration," Bonci says, pointing out that bodybuilders get the puffed vein look by restricting their fluid intake. Of course, she says, taken too far and a person could collapse.
Perhaps she should stick to her routine she had when she left this Kabbalah center. Muscle bound, no doubt, but without making people cringe. Madonna's muscle show has brought attention to Michelle Obama's muscles, reportedly to be 10 inch in size.

Old madge simply proves she is untamable even @ 50, but if she keeps up this up, it's gonna be the gym that's going to see the end of the Jump.

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  1. yeah...I miss past her.
    thesedays her body shape is suck

    come back!

  2. I in general have distaste for muscles. And that is truly disgusting to me.
    I don't see why she did that. She obviously looked better wthout them

  3. I don't think I like her anymore at all... she used to be something, but now it's too much... she overdid it, and I have no idea why.


  4. meu deus, ela ta suuper magra!

  5. eww i really dont like her muscles women should not have muscles like that! But that is just my opinion...


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