20 March 2009

Torrent of Lawsuit falls upon Pirate Bay


When Robin Hood is arrested, the poor sure ain't gonna be quiet ! . After the owner of one of the most popular file-sharing website (and a few others) The Pirate Bay were put on trial for copyright infringement, the Swedish website have won the support of a political party Red, who have launched a campaign, urging users of torrent-sharing websites to upload pictures of themselves in support for the Pirate Bay.

Although file-sharing is pretty much as simple as it sounds (upload your files and let others download and "share" them) , the name has become synonymous with copyright infringement and a haven for downloading DVD quality movies online. Given the ease with which one can upload documents and the virtually no content checks, torrent sharing websites have often be subjected to lawsuits in the past.

Red Politician Elin Volder Rutle is the initiator of the campaign and she states to the media that "If the guys behind Pirate Bay are criminals, then so am I, and so are most other Norwegians".

So show your support and join the other (at last count) 3165 "criminals" if you download torrents !

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