16 December 2008

The Green Bikini

G for Green

With pretty much everything from green laptops to green cars, and not colour-wise, here's the latest trend for the green warrior, the Green Bikini ! .Strangely though, the colour of none of them are green.

G Word Video: Green Bikinis

Mon Aug 18 14:34:00 EDT 2008

There was a time where nothing was fashionable about "green fashions." SuChin and Daniel get help from several assistants to show that this is no longer the case when they host a sustainable green bikini contest.

SuChin points out that bikinis are typically made from nylon and lycra, fabrics that are not biodegradable.
Green bikinis are made from organic, sustainably-grown, cotton, soy, and bamboo-based fabrics. Though the materials sound harsh, SuChin explains the process by which they can be transformed into functional and stylish fabrics. Meanwhile, Daniel demonstrates his mastery of some new fashion vocabulary.

Can Daniel identify the earth-friendly bikini? Does a green bathing suit sacrifice fun and style for responsibility? Find out in this exclusive online G Word clip.

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