10 October 2016

The Burqini TNA Wrestler : Raisha Saeed


TNA Wrestling seems to be going through a highly renovating phase. Much of it apparently has to do with it's creativity team, and by the looks of it, they are doing a pretty good job. TNA in the past had often been a haven for former WWE stars who are either looking for a change or have had their contracts expired. Booker T, Christian ( or Christian Cage), Christie Hemme have all come over from the WWE rooster.


Over the past 12 months, there has been a constant flow of wrestlers with rather colourful storylines, or kayfabe as the wrestling term is for the scripted stuff. Sadly, the action remained indubitably fake as ever.

She's exotic, her past is thickly-veiled (pun intended) and she's from the "Arab Republic of Syria". She's none other than Raisha Saeed. Truth of the matter is, she's no Arab and she's definitely not from Syria. She's Alissa Flash AKA Cheerleader Melissa, a powerful wrestler who had her first match at the age of 17. While TNA's effort to add spice to their increasingly lack-lustre show is as see-through as the appalling fakeness of their scripted moves, Saeed is certainly an interesting character.

While she wrestles only women on TNA, on other shows in her alternate, non-Arab persona Alissa Flash is a feared fighter, known for her rage as she fights in intergender matches elsewhere.

UPDATE : She's no longer at TNA.

27 March 2013

300+ pics (screenshots) of Lauren Cohan (Maggie) in guest role on Law & Order SVU

When I posted my review of  "Legitimate Rape", the Law & Order SVU episode in which The Walking Dead's Maggie (Lauren Cohan) played a pregnant rape victim, there was some concern that my post was pictorially verbose - a concern that lasted precisely upto the moment I stumbled upon Romanian blogger Simona's jaw-dropping post with 300+ screenshots wrapped into a mega photo.

Her blog (which she discloses early on to have no connection to the British Jewish actress) is very professional in its design and implementation, a combination redolent of Photoshop skills, as demonstrated by the infopic to the left.

Visit her blog by clicking on the image below. (Dont forget to leave your thoughts on my review)

27 October 2012

WWE Diva in car ACCIDENT

Photobucket WWE Diva and Ringside announcer Lilian Garcia was reportedly struck down by a car in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon. The Diva, who recently spoke out against bullying after being taunted on live TV by WWE veteran Triple H, suffered "multiple contusions and lacerations on the left side of her body" but is fortunately expected to make a full recovery.

Her neck has been immobilized by doctors and she remains under observation. There haven't been any hospital pictures released yet.


25 October 2012

Awesome Bikini Photo of Stephanie McMahon.

Mr. McMahon certainly has an interesting family ! On one hand his wife, Linda McMahon has spent an astonishing $42 million on her senate seat campaign, a figure which PWmania works out to be health insurance for 3 years.

Meanwhile daughter Stephanie posted this fantastic picture of herself apparently working out, looking ripped. Vince McMahon must be a proud daddy !

15 October 2012

Stupid Madonna : Strips for shot Pakistan girl, calls Obama BLACK MUSLIM

On one hand, the Girls Scouts of USA, an organisation with universal values; the President of the USA; and the U.N. Secretary General are all united in their support for Malala Yousufzai, the righteous Pakistani girl who stood up to the threats of the Taliban thugs by demanding education for girls in Pakistan.

Fatwas have been issued but this time against the hooded thugs who shot her. In Britain (where she is undergoing treatment) former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has even initiated a petition which he intends to submit personally to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.

It is thus most regrettable that in this background of good-intended global support, the first celebrity to 'debut' in the celebrity solidarity was 54 year old Madonna Ciccone. The entertainer, who has adopted more babies than the average Joe could care to count, reacted somewhere along these lines ;

"This made me cry." "The 14-year-old schoolgirl who wrote a blog about going to school. The Taliban stopped her bus and shot her. Do you realise how sick that is?

The theatrics would have worked if only the American singer did not deem it fitting to tattoo Malala's name across her back and strip tease on stage ! If there's any doubt of her lack of sincerity, there is nothing to look beyond her disgusting act and the (predictably) inappropriate response her vulgar act evoked from the crowd. Madonna was never known for her abundance of morals but there's a difference between obscenity and bold creativity. After calling on her fans to vote for the 'Black Muslim in the White House', an act explained for her deaf fans with an OBAMA tattoo ( of the temporary type, fortunately), she followed up with the latest P.R blunder at her performance in Los Angeles's Staples Centre, dedicating her song Human Nature to the child activist. An ironic title, calling into question the nature of the mother of four's infamous for her antics.

Just what was Her Madgesty thinking ? That little stunt might have far deeper ramifications than she might ever realize. For one thing, the Taliban, as rustic and medieval minded as they may be, are not stupid. In fact in what can only be described as a propaganda coup, they defeated the intellect and judgement of the CIA well enough to get a double agent strapped with explosives to enter an American base without security checks (made redundant by trusting CIA officers) and blow himself up, killing several CIA personnel in one of the worst attacks in recent years.


In fact, groups in Pakistan are already asserting the attack was orchestrated by the CIA as an excuse to continue drone strikes. With access to the internet, a Goebbelessian Taliban member could  just about use Madonna's transparent (no pun intended) self promotion, which is shamelessly portrayed as solidarity, to justify why democracy, which unfortunately is represented by Madonna in this case, is "is the symbol of the infidels and obscenity"- words that had no basis when originally used to refer to Malala by the Pakistani Taliban. While that still doesn't change (with respect to Yousufzai) , the picture of Madonna with Malala's name on it would go much further in pictorially promoting Taliban propaganda in the hands of a Photoshop-proficient Taliban member than any pamphlet could. As always, a picture speaks a thousand words even if it is misleading.

Yousufzai is a decent Muslim girl whose sincerity and courage has made her a role model and heroine for countless girls worldwide; the last thing she needs is Madonna's vulgarity to taint the noble effort to provide education in Pakistan and promote peace and stability. The best Madge can do would be to stay away.


Let's just hope that Gharib Goebbels doesn't read this blog.

External Links

* Excellent NY Times documentary on Yousufzai and her father in 2009.
* Yousufzai's BCC blog

22 August 2012

Bikini Fashion Show in Lebanon- In Freezing Snow

Bikini in Lebanon


The first thing that must have went in the minds of most of the people reading this must be : A swimwear show in Lebanon ? In Faraya, north-east of Beirut five-star the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel held a bikini show to attract more tourists to Lebanon. The promotional event is expected to revive the tourism flow to 'Switzerland of the Middle East. According to Moussa, a ski instructor, the fashion show has helped bring people to the slopes again. "We usually depend on February and March to earn extra money, but this year it came very late," he said.

Despite the fact that Hezbollah, the 2006 War with Israel and the Nahr Al Bared conflict are the images that resonates in the mind of people when they think of Lebanon, what most people are unaware of is Lebanon's rich, multi-cultural history. Being a former French colony and thus a francophone country (French is widely spoken), the Lebanese nation has been long noted for it's beautiful women and its reputation as the most Westernised Arab country, culturally, linguistically and ideologically (doesn't apply to Hezbollah though).

In fact, English and French are so common, the Arabic language is threatened. Yes, in an Arab country.

The country has a prominent Christian population, with about 40% of the country being Maroonite. Vince Vaugh and Colombian singer Shakira are celebrities of Lebanese origin.

More photos

10 May 2010

Universal Soldier IV to come in 3D !


Encouraged no doubt by its theatrical release in the Arab world and elsewhere, where it grossed almost a million dollars at the box office, 2009's Universal Soldiers : Regeneration now has a sequel and it's in 3D ! John Hyams will once again be directing the film, which will start shooting in October. Although it didn't get a theatrical release in much of the Western world, it got quite a successful release in the Middle East. Van Damme and to a lesser extent Lundgren are well-known due to the frequent airing of 90s action flicks of the two "budget action stars".

It remains to be seen whether it'll get a wider release this time.

01 May 2010

The barbaric murder in Lebanon village

In a symbolic picture printed in a newspaper (not the one to the left), three women react differently to the same event. While the two on either side turn their faces away with revulsion, the woman in the middle has a hand clasped over her mouth. With the freehand, she held a mobile phone camera. She was capturing the barbaric murder of an Egyptian man as his near-naked corpse was hung from a pole by a deranged mob in the southeastern mountain village of Ketermaya. Mobile phone footage of his lynching was aired on local televisions and printed on the front page of a French language newspaper.

The suspect, Mohamed Selim Mosallam, was the local butcher in the village. He was by no means a person with an impeccable background. According to a Lebanese paper (which in turns quotes other news papers), Msallem had entered Lebanon illegally and had "a history of unbalanced behaviour" in Egypt before raping a 13-year old in Ketermaya.

He had apparently gone to the village seeking the help of the elderly couple in convincing the rape victim's parents to consent to him marrying her as Lebanese law does not allow a rapist who marries his victim to face prosecution. What an absurd law ! He is suspected in the murders of 2 children, aged seven and nine, and their elderly grandparents.


The authenticity of gruesome details (including allegations that each of the victims were stabbed at least 25 times and that he had blood on his shirt) seem doubtful given that it's the Lebanese media doing these reports with unmentioned sources.

Muslim had confessed to the police and he was reenacting the crime when the policemen escorting him were overwhelmed by furious villagers armed with stick and stones thrashed him and then stabbed him. As cheers went on in the background, he was stripped to his underwear and socks, paraded and then hung from an electric pole with a butcher's hook. His body was also paraded on the bonnet of a white Mercedes before being hoisted on to an electric pole with a butcher's hook. Before the Lebanese Army arrived half an hour later, onlookers clapped or took pictures with their mobile phones and village women ululated.

The police officers who were seen helplessly standing in the video by did try to intervene, but were overpowered again. However, Police chief Ashraf Rifi said he has taken disciplinary measures against the officers escorting Muslem for "failing to take the necessary precautions", given the anger of the villagers less than 24 hours after the murders

Media Reaction

The subject was the hot topic on all talk shows and received intense media attention in both Lebanon and Egypt. "Barbaric times," headlined the French language daily L'Orient-Le Jour, which carried a front-page picture of Moslem's bloodied corpse hanging from the electricity pole.

"This barbaric act is unprecedented and possible only in countries where the law of the jungle prevails," said the Arabic language daily Al-Akhbar. "The crowd killed Mohammed Muslem thinking that they were serving justice but actually they killed justice," it added.

Lebanese reaction

Lebanese officials were quick to condemn the incident with everyone from the Justice Minister to the President having their voice on the issue. But the irresponsible insinuation that Muslem had brought his fate upon himself is only too resplendent in the Justice Minster's words.

"I would like to personally apologise to the government and people of Egypt for the reaction in the village of Ketermaya, which would not have happened had it not been for the gruesome crime that preceded it,"  
                                                                                -  Ibrahim Najjar,
                                                                                     Justice Minister  

 Najar, who delivered this statement standing next to one of the assistants of Egypt's foreign minister, is clearly defending the savage actions of the villagers with his words. Not a word of protest or condemnation was directed against the villagers - a wise career move for a politician as far as public opinion is concerned - Lebanese, that is.

"We thank the security forces for giving us the murderer as a gift so that we could seek revenge for our children with our own hands," 
                                                            - a grocery seller in Ketermaya

Diplomatic Backlash

The Egyptian embassy in Beirut denounced the murder of Msallem "even though
he was in the hands of justice". While the Egyptian ambassador expressed his "disgust"
and concern at the lack of security for his citizen, the Lebanese Embassy
in Cairo got an anonymous phone call
promising revenge.

At least a few people have been arrested so far. Crowds yet again tried to intervene while the suspects were taken away, but without success.

Further Reading : New information at Al Masr Al Youm/ Permalink (Arabic for Egypt Today) [ENG]